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A Top 100 Clan list for PS4 and XBOX Console WoT Clans.
For friends of WoT statistics.
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Hello World of Tanks Community,
We are happy to announce that we can present you a statistics page exclusively for World of Tanks Console. Here you can get an overview of the clans on the PS4 and the XBOX. Sort them by game strength and see your own Clan rating worldwide. We try to keep these evaluations as up-to-date as possible.
For questions, suggestions and wishes please contact the Wotstatsconsole-Team.
Docilein and LahjaFinja

Top 100 Clan List

In order to appear in the list, the clan must have at least 7 members and have played at least one game in the last 45 days.

Rank Tag Name Mbr. WG Rating WN8 WN7 Efficency Ø Damage Ø XP Score
Last update PS4: 02/24/20, XBOX: 02/24/20, WN8.XVM

Color explanation

Color Key
Under 300
Under 500
Under 600
Very Bad
300 to 449
500 to 699
450 to 649
700 to 899
600 to 899
Below Average
650 to 899
900 to 1099
900 to 1099
900 to 1199
Above Average
1200 to 1599
1100 to 1349
1100 to 1499
1600 to 1999
1350 to 1549
Very Good
2000 to 2449
1550 to 1849
1500 to 1799
2450 to 2899
1850 to 2049
1800 to 2049
Above 2900
Above 2050
Above 2050
Super Unicum

About ClanRunner

ClanRunner for PS4 Console World of Tanks

The Top 100 list will be updated weekly.

The values calculated are: Wargaming Rating (based on the # of Members), Efficency, WN7- and WN8-Score.

Additionally there is a Score-Value, calculated from the above Values.

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